Conditions Treated

The orthopedic oncology specialty of orthopedics treats conditions affecting the musculoskeletal structures damaged by tumors, complex fractures, or joint degeneration. Treatment requires a multi-disciplinary approach requiring expertise in reconstructive surgery and arthroscopic procedures by a skilled team of orthopedic experts.

Dr. Daniel C. Allison’s expertise in conditions affecting musculoskeletal structures makes him exceptionally qualified to treat damaged bone, joints, and soft tissue. He provides exceptional care performing technically sophisticated procedures with relative ease to achieve more favorable outcomes for his patients. From complex trauma to the long recovery process, Dr. Allison can help you find health through orthopedic care tailored to your unique needs. Learn more today and schedule an appointment by calling (310) 730-8008.

Unique Orthopedic Conditions

Bone and soft tissue tumors usually present themselves in extremely delicate areas, demanding the expertise of an orthopedic oncologist like Dr. Allison. Only practitioners like Dr. Allison have the specialized knowledge about tumor behavior and growth patterns and their affect on surrounding tissue and bone. Dr. Allison can safely separate bone and soft tissue tumors from blood vessels, nerves and other critical components to reconstruct extremities including bones, joints and soft tissues affected by tumors.

As an orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Allison’s repertoire includes treating musculoskeletal complications caused by the following conditions:

Tumors of the Extremities, Shoulder Girdle, & Pelvis

  • Soft tissue masses (lumps and bumps), which may be benign or malignant soft tissue sarcomas
  • Bone lesions (benign or malignant) ranging from aggressive benign bone lesions to primary sarcoma or metastatic bone disease
  • Invasive skin cancers of the pelvis, shoulder girdle, back, and extremities, including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and Merkel cell carcinoma

Advanced Joint Reconstruction

  • Oncologic and non-oncologic high-level joint reconstruction for end stage destructive joint conditions
  • Replacement for failures of previous joint replacements (from loosening, instability, malposition, fracture, etc)

Complex Trauma and Trauma Complications

  • High level pelvic and acetabular fractures
  • Severe fractures around major joints
  • Non-unions, infections, and failures of previous repair

Evaluate Treatment Options

An orthopedic oncologist like Dr. Allison has specialist’s training in the treatment of unique conditions, which most physicians might consider too complex. As is the case with soft tissue and bone sarcomas, which often develop in complex and delicate areas, Dr. Allison treats these tumors regularly and therefore maintains advanced surgical knowledge in their diagnosis and treatment.

For cases requiring advanced joint reconstruction, Dr. Allison’s experience extends to anterior hip replacement, primary hip replacement for complex conditions, revision joint replacement and treatment of joint replacement infections. Dr. Allison is one of a handful of surgeons who perform the direct anterior approach for hip replacement. The result is less damage and trauma to the soft tissues around the hip to allow quicker recovery time and better support for the hip structure.

Contact the Orthopedic Oncologist Specialist

Dr. Daniel C. Allison has specialization of an orthopedic oncologist uniquely qualifying him to treat cancerous tumors and the musculoskeletal structures they affect. Dr. Allison is renowned for leading multi-disciplinary oncology teams to coordinate the type of integrated medical plan sarcomas require. Call today to schedule a personal consultation at (310) 730-8008.


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