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Orthopedic Oncology Peer Reviewed Journals LADr. Daniel C. Allison has written numerous articles that have appeared in prestigious publications including peer-written journals in orthopedics, oncology, and medicine. The following articles are part of the vast amount of articles from Dr. Allison in a wide variety of research publications. To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Allison, call (310) 730-8008 to schedule a consultation or fill out the online contact form.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

White E, Allison DC, Patel G, Matcuk G, Gottsegen C, Learch, TJ, Menendez LR. Review of Hemipelvectomy Endoprostheses: Indications and Imaging Findings. Journal of Applied Radiology. 2013; 42(6).

Allison DC*, Ferro A, McIntyre JA, Ahlmann ER, Menendez LR. Bone grafting alternatives for cavitary bone defects in children. Current Orthopedic Practice. 2013; 24(3):267-279.

Sugi M, Menendez LR, Fedenko AN, Allison DC*. Clavicular eosinophilic granuloma resulting in an unusual cause of shoulder pain in an adult. Rare Tumors. 2013; 5(8):31-34.

Hendifar AE, Ahlmann E, Allison DC, Hu J, Menendez L, Chawla SP. Moving Beyond Response Criteria: New Measures of Success in the Treatment of Sarcomas. Current Treatment Options in Oncology 2012; 13(3):299-305.

Allison DC*, Carney SC, Alhmann ER, Angeles C, Menendez LR. A meta-analysis of osteosarcoma outcomes in the modern medical era. Sarcoma 2012: 704872.

Harvey N, Alhmann ER, Allison DC*, Wang L, Menendez LR. Comparison of intramedullary stabilization versus endoprosthetic reconstruction for proximal femur metastases. Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research 2012; 470(3):684-691.

Allison DC*, Wong A, Samimi B, Mirzayan RN, Menendez LR. A comparison of mineral bone graft substitutes for bone defects. US Oncology & Hematology 2011; 7(1):38-49.

Kasraeian S, Allison DC*, Ahlmann ER, Fedenko AN, Menendez LR. A prospective study comparing fine needle aspiration, core biopsy, and surgical biopsy in the diagnosis of extremity soft tissue tumors. Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research 2010; 468: 2992-3002.

Allison DC, Holtom PD, Patzakis MJ, Zalavras CG. Microbiology of Bone and Joint Infections in Injecting Drug Abusers. Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research 2010 Aug; 468: 2107-2112.

White E, Lu D, Eyer B, Gottsegen C, Ahlmann E, Allison DC. Gallery of uncommon orthopedic implants: a guide for emergency radiologist. Emergency Radiology. 2010; 17(3):227-247.

Allison DC*, Lu A, Ahlmann ER, Menendez LR. Salvage of Infected Tumor Prostheses. Current Orthopedic Practice. 2009; 20(6):598-604.

Allison DC*, Ahlmann ER, Xiang AH, Menendez LR. The linear cutting stapler may reduce surgical time and blood loss with muscle transection: a pilot study. Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research 2009; 467:2859-2864.

Menendez LR, Falkinstein Y, Ahlmann ER, Allison DC*. Periacetabular reconstruction with a new endoprosthesis. Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research 2009; 467:2831-2837.

Allison DC, Miller T, Holtom P, Patzakis MJ, Zalavras CG. Microbiology of Upper Extremity Soft Tissue Abscesses in Injecting Drug Abusers. Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research 2007; 461:9-13.

Book Chapters

DC Allison*, ER Ahlmann, G Restivo, AH Xiang, LR Menendez. Advances in Medicine and Biology, Vol 15: New Methods in Amputation; Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York. p. 255-269.

ER Ahlmann, DC Allison, LR Menendez. Soft Tissue Cancers, Etiology Pathogenesis, and Interventions: Cryoablation for Soft Tissue Sarcomas—A new Surgical Adjuvant Therapy; Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York. p.137-158.

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